Naztech Quick Charge 3 0 Power Hub 7

The Naztech Power Hub 7 is the ultimate charging solution for your workplace and home. This streamlined system contains 7 charging ports along with 7 docking stations, all to help simplify and consolidate numerous charging devices onto one powerful hub! In addition to 70W of rapid charging power, it features Smart Chip Technology that auto detects and adjusts charging output to the optimal power level your device needs. Minimize desktop clutter while charging your devices!

IntelliQ Technology

The Naztech Turbo PB6 features IntelliQ Technology that communicates with your device to deliver the fastest charging experience possible while also providing short-circuit and overcharge protection.

Charge 7 Devices Simultaneously

The Naztech Power Hub 7 features a capacity that’s so large you can charge seven completely drained devices to a full charge at once.