Naztech 4 8A Wired USB-C TRiO Car Charger Black

Featuring a built-in USB-C cable and two USB ports, the USB-C TRiO converts your vehicle's single power outlet into a powerhouse that charges up to 3 devices at once! Enjoy truly universal compatibility. The USB-C cable delivers a rapid charging 3A output to compatible devices like the new MacBook, ChromeBook Pixel, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and LG G5. The device also features dual USB ports that you can use with a Micro USB or Lightning cable to charge all your other gadgets. It’s a must-have charging accessory for multi-device users.

The Naztech Corded USB-C TRiO Car Charger features a built in USB-C USB Cable that allows you to charge any of your USB-C compatible devices. The device also features two other high powered USB ports that you can use for Micro USB connectors or Lightning connectors to fit your specific needs!

for LG, iPhone, Samsung