Motorola Earbuds 2 In-Ear 3.5mm Handsfree

Optimal performance with optimal design. These hands-free comes with microphones, and 15mm speaker driver. Making sure that no earphone can deliver better.



Unrivaled bass, with neodymium magnets and 15mm speaker driver. So you get to experience powerful bass, natural vocals, and precision highs for all genres of music & voice.


Design & Comfort

Extremely light and comfortable to wear plus can be easily adjusted to fit into the ear canal just right. Your ears will stay cozy even when you listen to music for many hours as these headphones come with silicone ear cushions.



These headphones comes with a high quality 3.5 mm jack, so you can use them with most laptops, mobiles and portable music players. Bulid in in-line microphone, perfect for use with iPhone, Android, HTC, Motorola, and other mobile phones, as well as tablets with VOIP apps, including Skype


Long & Tangle Free Cable

Thanks to the anti-tangle flat wire with the Volume Control button, now you can safely keep the mobile phone in your pocket and listen to the music with pure convenience. Making these hands-free actually Hands Free. 



Specially designed for long sessions, these headphones are tough and durable. Its coated cable is well protected against wear and tear, and can stand extreme environments.